Stick Guitar RR5 3Vel
Kontakt 4 - 203.4 MB unzipped - 48Khz/24Bit/stereo - 1 nki/Instrument
135 Samples compressed using Kontakt's ncw format

Price: 8.50 €

Lamp Mallets

This patch uses 135 multisamples from my Alchemy soundset Warped Strings beating the 6 open strings of an acoustic Western Guitar with a drumstick - 3 velocity layers and 5x Round Robin (variations per sampled note) were sampled. To extend the range of the instrument the low E-String was also tuned down to a G0 and the high E-String was also sampled at B3 and E4.

A modified Midi script from the Fatory Library gives you control over:

  • Knob 1 - Attack
  • Knob 2 - Release
  • Knob 3 - Chorus Mix
  • Knob 3 - Saturation amount
  • Knob 5 - Reverb Mix (Kontakt's algorithmic Reverb)
  • Knob 6 - Reverb Size
  • Pitchbend is set to +2/-2 semitones.

Note: All customers of Warped Strings for Alchemy can get this item for free, just contact me and I will send you the download link.

The demo was produced improvising with one instance of Kontakt, no post processing was applied.