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Spectral Excursions

for Linplug Spectral

All demos produced entirely with Spectral using only patches from Spectral Excursions, no post-processing was applied apart from a limiter on the outputs and some volume automation, if several instances of Spectral were used in a track. If a demo does use 3rd party FX, it will be mentioned in the track title.

Sound Categories:

  • Pads / Drones - 20
  • Soundscapes / Musical FX - 21
  • Bells / Mallets / Chimes - 8
  • Leads - 5
  • Arps / Sequencer - 17
  • Sound FX / SciFi / Alien - 17
  • Keys / Synths / Basses - 10
  • Plucks - 3
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Patchpool User Reviews

Just got the set, and I think you keep raising the bar. I thought the Padshop Symphonies was great, but this has to be some of your best, most original work so far. Not even so bad on the CPU, which is saying a lot for this synth. The leads are fantastic, especially Oriental Bassoon. Keep it coming!

Spectral Excursions User

For the quality of your work, the price is absolutely right! I, for one, am living large in the sonic cinema. So many great themes in these beautiful patches. So much wide screen cinema to discover. cheers

Sonic Cinema User

Holee crap, just played around with a few patches. Had high hopes for this library because of the demos released over the past few weeks and, well, it's Simon, so I knew this was going to be good. (Have you heard his Alchemy and Iris patches…?) But this is even better than I thought. Get this library. And if you don't have MachFive 3, well, get that, too. This is sooo good. And SOOO musical. Great realtime control. Easy to customize and make your own. *FUN* to play, like every good instrument should be.

Scattered Entity User

I am in awe. What a beautiful and useful soundset this is. And so is my cat. In fact, the entire cat's staff is astounded by the depth, the tones and sonic magic inside this framedrum set. Very well done, and as others have said already, way more than just a percussion set - although it does that very, very well also.


This is an absolutely stunning soundset. Wow! Really, really beautiful. I honestly questioned whether I needed another Chromaphone soundset but after listening it's clear you've tweaked many new and novel sounds out of the little beast. My favourites are those that seem to walk a tightrope between percussive and melodic- You have found a way to coax some special sounds out of one of my favourite synths. Great job - highly recommended for anyone with Chromaphone

Modelled Reality User


Sonic Cinema for HALion 5

This sound library comprises dozens of cinematic soundscapes, evocative pads and musical textures designed for producing epic soundtracks, ambient music and anything that needs inspiring sonic ingredients beyond the ordinary.

Sonic Cinema also contains dark cinematic brass instruments made with/derived from sampled instruments like the sousaphone, trombone, euphonium and french horn which were exclusively recorded for this library, mainly in a dry studio environment. Some of the french horn recordings were conducted in a church.

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